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VPN Split Tunneling January 14, 2010

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lega aku dapat resolve 1 vpn problem
user nak connect kat umah, nak guna vpn dan jugak internet
by default, remote default route akan diinject dalam routing table pc
jadi semua traffic akan lalu VPN
sama ada connection slow, ataupun internet takleh masuk.
guna split tunnel
jahil sungguh aku. hahaha

specify acl utk allow only specific traffic masuk ke vpn

colo#conf t
Enter configuration commands, one per line. End with CNTL/Z.
colo(config)#ip access-list ext 101
colo(config-ext-nacl)#permit ip
colo(config-ext-nacl)#permit ip

pastu masukkan acl dalam vpn config

colo(config)#crypto isakmp client configuration group staff-vpn
colo(config-isakmp-group)#acl 101

akan jadi camni

colo#sh access-list 101
Extended IP access list 101
10 permit ip
20 permit ip

crypto isakmp client configuration group staff-vpn
key password
domain acso2k.local
acl 101


Photoshop: Simple Text Cut Out Tutorial October 22, 2009

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Have Fun!

Xbox lagik… April 29, 2009

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Akhirnya setelah beberapa kali aku menggunakan teknik tuala, akhirnya Xbox aku bersemadi sementara dengan tenangnye. Benda yang paling aku malas nak tgk, muncul jugak akhirnya… E74. terbaikkk…..

Nak anto kedai repair? peh… kalau menjadi takpe. kalau kene lagik lebur duit aku. Nak buat sendiri? ermm.. tah bila ntah. dgn nak cari thermal paste lagik. kalau 10 hengget takpe… nih 40-50 hengget. terbantut aku nak repair sendiri.

bila pikir pikir balik, rasa cam nak buat sendiri. Pikir balik rasa cam nak beli yang baru je…

Bila tgk video nih… rasa cam bleh buat sendiri plak.

Credit to: http://www.youtube.com/user/RobbieHct

HBO: Entourage April 13, 2009

Posted by Dimenxion in Celebrities, Karutan, TV Series.

hbo-entourageLeft to Right: Ari, Turtle, Vince, ‘E’ & Drama

I cant resist the temptation to post this series. TV siri ni adalah antara favourite aku selain House md. Mengisahkan hidup Mark Wahlberg sebelum dia menjadi movie star seperti sekarang. walaupun cerita pasal dia, tapi diolah supaya ada kelucuan dalam cerita nih

Watak Vince Chase, Eric ‘E’ Murphy, Johnny ‘Drama’ Chase, Turtle dan Ari Gold adalah pendokong utama siri nih. Sapa tau pasal Golden Globe mmg tahu lakonan Jeremy Piven (Ari Gold) memang bagus dalam cerita nih.

Karekter utama Vince dan manager dia E. Ditambah dgn Drama dan Turtle yang mmg kelakar. Siri ini ditayangkan di HBO, kalau korang takda HBO, bleh cari dvd dia yang dah berada di pasaran utk season 1-4

Apa yang menarik pada cerita nih adalah kehidupan diorang di Hollywood, friendship dan adik beradik. Aku baru tgk sampai season 3 je. nak cari season 4 susah betul. even pirate pun susah 😛

Overall cerita nih mmg aku suka.. tapi House tetap first.. huhu..

Xbox 3 Rings of Dead April 13, 2009

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Xbox aku demam plak dah. kene 3rod. memula kene aku duk panaskan, bleh la jalan seminggu. la nih tetiap kali nak main kene panaskan.

tertekan jiwa siot, banyak game baru takleh main. HAWX, RE5, Godfather II. Aiseh… terpikir nak buat x-clamp, tapi kalau kene lagik, tak bleh buat rebailing tukar GPU. budak yang buat taknak terima yang dah buat x-clamp.

Nak beli Jasper, tapi sen blum ada lagik. terpikir plak nak beli psp balik, tapi macam rugi je nih

huhu… 😦

FTP March 3, 2009

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Please bare with me if this is the old thing. but.. heyy.. not everybody know this.

I’m talking about FTP. what we normally do when we want to do ftp? most of us are using FTP client like filezilla or coreftp, or bla bla… but do u guys know that u can upload or download ur files from ur Windows command prompt (cmd)?

U want to grab the file fast without opening the client, type in the address, this and that. You can do that by using your windows command prompt by using ‘get’ command. Here’s the drill

1. open up your command prompt (Click start > run > type cmd)

2. change to the directory you want to upload or upload. Example:
-you want to download or upload your files from C:\my-testing
-type in ‘cd c:\my-testing

3. Here’s the best part. Telnet to the ftp server
-example: ‘ftp dimenxion.com
-then login using ur uid/pwd

4. Go to directory you want to upload or download in your ftp server
-example: cd /public_html/mydownload
-if you are not sure what are the file in the directory u can list it out by typing ‘ls’
-after u found the file u will start to download it. type:
– ‘get test_file.jpg
-it will be downloaded inside the directory in your windows that you’re currently sitting in command prompt (C:\my-testing)

5. to upload the file, just replace the ‘get’ command with ‘put’ but this time, you are gonna take the file from your local pc
-Example: your are in C:\my-testing and there is a file ‘test_file.jpg’ inside. what you have to do is, type in:
– ‘put test_file.jpg’
-Then, that file will be uploaded to /public_html/mydownload

6. What i showed is only for single file. you may experiment with working multiple file using ‘mget’ or ‘mput’.


telnet Private network with vrf February 12, 2009

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1. make sure u connected to the correct core router

core1.my# telnet /vrf name-vrf

Then login using uid/pwd

Cisco: IP DHCP Pool January 28, 2009

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router# conf t

router(config)# ip dhcp pool LAN

router(dhcp-config)# network





*do sh run to check the config to make sure all ok

Guitar Hero World Tour January 27, 2009

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Aite.. i’m back. been busy recently with new games including old COD4. Yeah most of us back to COD4. Why? it’s more cool. Lol!

Ok now, new game that i want to talk to is….. (drum roll)

Guitar Hero World Tour!

Well, i know it’s out in the market end of last year, but hey… it’s still rock and people play it. For you guys that did not know, this GHWT need to played using the guitar controller. That mean no more normal controller can be use to play GHWT, and those old guitar still can be use.

What make it more interesting is, this time it come together with the drum and mic! So you can jamming with ur family, friends, colleague, ketua kampung or your YB.

Beside that, u may compose your own song and upload it to GHtunes. interesting? Wait till u see the guitar which almost the same size as the real guitar and longer whammy bar too. Not enough? Beside those 5 fret button, in this new guitar there is addition of the touch pad to play regular notes. The pad also allows the player to play notes via “tap strumming” similar to the slap bass method for bass guitar, and to alter the pitch of sustained notes

Other Screen Shot

ghwt_guitar_customCharacter Creation

jamming1Jamming with your friends

sliderSlider (New addition for you to ‘goreng’)

Well, i’m still playing this GHWT. Beside that i’m playing Gh3 and GH2 as well, so it might keep me silence while waiting for Guitar Hero Metallica which will due on March! woohooo….!!

Note: “About A Girl” (Unplugged) and Hotel California rawks!!

Cisco: Ping / VRF Ping December 29, 2008

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AkuKacak@server2:~$ ssh CuciKakis
AkuKacak@CuciKakis:~$ telnet buchuk-2

User Access Verification

Username: si-buchuk

buchuk-2# ping size 2000 rep 100

Type escape sequence to abort.
Sending 100, 2000-byte ICMP Echos to, timeout is 2 seconds:
Success rate is 100 percent (100/100), round-trip min/avg/max = 20/24/56 ms

buchuk-2# ping size 2000 rep 100 df

Type escape sequence to abort.
Sending 100, 2000-byte ICMP Echos to, timeout is 2 seconds:
Packet sent with the DF bit set
Success rate is 100 percent (100/100), round-trip min/avg/max = 12/15/24 ms