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prison break lagik August 27, 2006

Posted by Dimenxion in Karutan.

season 2 prison break dah mula ditayangkan di US. baru episod pertama. season satu pun aku tak abih tgk lagik. baru sampai episod 18. malam nih sambung. dalam cite nih ada 2 watak aku suka beno tgk….


LOCATION: General Population, A-Wing, Cell 96
CRIME: Murder (2 counts) Conspiracy to commit murder (2 counts)
SENTENCE: 120 years
TIME LEFT ON SENTENCE: 117 yrs, 6 mo.
ELIGIBLE FOR PAROLE IN: Inmate is not eligible for parole

NOTES: John Abruzzi, former Chicago mob boss, is arguably the most infamous prisoner incarcerated at Fox River Penitentiary; and has translated his celebrity into power inside the prison walls. Other inmates, even murderers, defer to Abruzzi in prison-related business. While the correctional officers enforce the rules, it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that John Abruzzi runs the prison.

Abruzzi was convicted on two counts of murder and two counts of conspiracy to commit murder after decades of eluding punishment from Illinois district attorneys. Otto Fibonacci provided eyewitness testimony at Abruzzi’s trial, which convinced the jury to convict Abruzzi of rubbing out two rival gangsters. Abruzzi subsequently put a hit out on Fibonacci, forcing him to enter the Witness Protection Program


ALIAS: Haywire
LOCATION: Psychiatric Ward, Cell 25
CRIME: Second Degree Murder (Two Counts)
SENTENCE: Sixty years
TIME LEFT ON SENTENCE: Fifty six years
ELIGIBLE FOR PAROLE IN: Twenty six years

NOTES: Before his incarceration, Patoshik was a stand-out doctorate candidate in mathematics, focusing his research on a type of geometric pattern, known as fractals. It was during this time of intense study that he began to experience noticeable symptoms of mental illness. Not long after, and despite no history of violence, Patoshik walked into his parents’ bedroom, brandishing a shotgun, and killed them both while they slept.

Patoshik claims no memory of the crime and has offered no explanation as to his motive. Upon intake, he was committed to the Psychiatric Ward of Fox River, where he earned the nickname “Haywire.” After four years of intensive medication and monitoring, his doctors have seen sufficient progress to release him into general population.



1. Anonymous - September 15, 2006

heheh…abis tgk season 1..kasi smbg trus season 2..barula suspend dia x ilang..

2. Dimenxion - September 20, 2006

masih belum berkesempatan. hehee

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