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Viva Pinata January 23, 2008

Posted by Dimenxion in Games.
Viva Pinata (Viva Pee-Ni-Ya-Ta) nih aku dapat sekali bundle dgn xbox 360 masa aku beli. ekceli bundle forza motorsports 2 dgn game nih la. aku mula mula aku tak minat nak main. tapi semalam sebab aku dah bosan aku try la main. sekali syok la pulak!! game macam sims tapi dalam bentuk binatang. comel sungguh. sapa sapa belum main.. boleh la try. Utk Xbox
Viva Piñata™ is a window to another world where wild-roaming, living piñata animals inhabit a growing, changing garden world. Take control of this environment and the piñata within it, influencing its contents to create your very own pet paradise.
 Once you have resident piñatas, begin to personalize your loyal community. Piñatas can be individually named and given their own personally designed tag to put on display as a declaration of their home turf. The customization doesn’t end there. Make the colorful critters more distinctive by customizing them with all kinds of costumes and accessories.


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