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Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock January 25, 2008

Posted by Dimenxion in Games.

Third full installment dalam siri Guitar Hero. Sebelum nih aku tak penah amik tau sangat pasal siri game nih. tapi review yang aku tengok, mmg game nih kool. Terdapat dalam platform PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and Wii consoles.

Gameplay terdiri dari Career mode, Co-op career mode, Battle mode

Tgk list track dia pun ngancam. Track List:

Single-player career set list

1. Starting Out Small

2. Your First Real Gig

3. Making the Video

  • Paint It, Black” – The Rolling Stones (1966) (Encore – does not feature any alternate instrument and is not playable in co-op mode or offer any alternate instrument option in training mode)

4. European Invasion

5. Bighouse Blues

6. The Hottest Band on Earth

7. Live in Japan

8. Battle for Your Soul

Cooperative career set list

Once Co-op Career is complete, then all songs in the main setlist (except “Paint It Black” – “The Rolling Stones“) will be unlocked for Co-op play

1. Getting a Band Together

2. We Just Wanna Be Famous

3. Overnight Success

4. Getting the Band Back Together

5. Jailhouse Rock

6. Battle for Your Souls

Bonus tracks



1. mon cherie - January 25, 2008

shah, macam syiok je game nih.
bleh main kat PS plak tuh.
nak carik laa..
[beginner mcm aku, susah tak nak main game ni]

2. netpxel - January 25, 2008

kalau ko pakai controller.. tak brape susah… ada orang beli gitar game…. layannnnnnn…. bleh main co-op ngan hubby. kekekeke

3. mon cherie - January 30, 2008

terujanya aku.

4. netpxel - January 31, 2008

sis mon.. aku dah abih dah level easy. layan habih game nih…! nanti nak main level medium plak.. wuhuuuuuuu

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