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FIFA 08 April 15, 2008

Posted by Dimenxion in Games, Internet.

It’s quite a long time since I play this game. For the past 1 year, I only play Winning Eleven or PES. Since I bought Xbox 360 and most importantly go LIVE, it’s quite difficult to play online with other people. not only because there is less people play online in Malaysia/Singapore. The worst problem is the state-of-the-art laggines when play online. have you seen ball disappear here and appear there? you’ll see that while playing WE/PES online. haha…

So… I have no choice. What to do, nobody playing. takkan nak main dgn hantu. I start playing FIFA again. wah…. quite ok compare to WE/PES 2008. no laggy, lots of player and hundreds teams available to select.

But…. yess, there is a but… lots of player choose man united because of the lightning Cristiano Ronaldo. and that make me sick. seriously. well… not only me. thousand of other players as well. I had a match with a player which select man united as a team… guess what? he use ronaldo for the whole match to break my defend. Giggs just stay at the left flank and start a camp fire. shoot… we all know Ronaldo a very fast pace player. but facing different player + using same team + same style + use same Ronaldo = really irritating.

Overall it’s a fun game and you will enjoy if you play with friendly player and good team. Anybody interested to play, add my gamertag: Dimenxion and invite me to a game.



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