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Ignorant Driver April 24, 2008

Posted by Dimenxion in Internet, Karutan.

I received email with this picture. It’s a picture of a car parked in parking lot by it’s own driver which is i guess ignorant and ‘kerek’. Imagine 2 parking slot which empty, and suddenly 1 driver come and park in the middle. stupid isn’t it? ok… let me show u guys the picture first….

ignorant driver

See that? 2 parking space. 1 Car in the middle. How on earth the driver did that? is he/she dont know how to park? or maybe the driver is blind? Or the driver try to reserve the space for his/her aunty? (anyobody listen hitz.fm advert about the parking?) Whoever this driver, he/she just a selfish person. and best thing is, the parking space is for handicap people. Ok Ok… maybe we can say, the driver is handicap, but… this parking space was set for 2. why he/she the only 1 want to use it? This is one of the example of many incident that not recorded. Please to all driver. driver safely, park wisely!

p/s: apa lah nak jadik. kat jalan raya ramai driver kerek.. kat parking pun sama gak…



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