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Malaysia Fuel Price June 10, 2008

Posted by Dimenxion in Karutan, News, Politics.

I don’t want to talk much about the recent hike of the fuel price in Malaysia. everybody knows about it.

Let’s see what is the alternative way. Lot’s of people thinking to switch using NGV. yes the gas price is damn cheap but the installation could RM3,000 – RM4,000. But it’s still worth for a long period. The only disadvantage is the long queue to fill up the gas especially at the hot location.

I believe lots of people thinking to use bicycle. yeahh right… i bet nobody want to do that. yeah yeah yeah.. i know it’s just a way to express your feeling.

And of course, 99% percent malaysian will think to use buses, LRT, Monorail to go to work. well, it may be the good choice, but don’t forget government had taken out the subsidy from RapidKL too. get ready just in case they will increase the bus fare after this.

Not to forget that there is few of my friends considering to buy a motorbike. I myself riding a motorbike to come to work. it’s safe a hell lots of money so i can use it to buy new Xbox games. haha… OK OK.. enough joking

What else? anybody have other good suggestion?

p/s: ftw!



1. ckrookie - June 10, 2008

Petrol price had gone up. Everyone knows it. So many desperate fellows actually drove their cars bumper to bumper queuing in lines just to get their tanks filled last night hoping to save some money before the super price hike. I am no MBA or economist, so I am in no position to fully understand the fuel subsidy thing and their effect on the economy and blah blah blah. But as a normal citizen who has an almost properly functioning brain, I can tell you that the currently planned method of cash rebate is a piece of shit that could only come from someone with shits in their heads.


1) How many cars are over 2000cc?? Few or may be very few only. Meaning that many (rich or poor), will still benefit from the cash rebate irrespective of their gas using habit. This is not what we want. We want the poor to receive more.

2) Let say I am a businessman who runs a car rental service and I own 50 cars for rental. I rent the car to customers and customers fill and pay for the petrol themselves, so essentially I will receive $31,250.00 ($625.00 x 50) annual cash rebate for doing nothing, extra profit from the stupid policy maker and government.

3) Let say I am a filthy rich man and I own 5 luxury cars but all are below 2000cc, or may be I am just a rich man who likes to own nice cars, then I will be entitled $3,125.00 ($625.00 x 5) annual cash rebate despite being filthy rich with overspending lifestyle while my fellow poor neighbor who owns a Honda 70cc kap-cai only receive $150 annual cash rebate despite being poor and living a thrifty lifestyle!!! VERY STUPID GOVERNMENT!!!

4) Let say I am a poor man who don’t own any cars/motorbike and I rely on public transportation to go to/from work, then I will not get anything sumore I am likely to pay more for transportation fares due to the diesel hike, despite me being very poor not even capable of owning a motorbike, being nice for using public transportation thus relieving road congestion, being environmental friendly by not burning fossil fuels, but in return I get punished!!!! DAMN STUPID GOVERNMENT!!!!!

5) And lastly can the uncle-uncle and auntie-auntie at the POS offices handle the sudden surge in demand for counter services as a result of the cash rebate?? Judging from the services and experiences I had with those uncles and aunties, I don’t think so!

Anyway, I am not all critics and no help. My suggestion is why not implement the rebate in the form of income tax relief/rebate base on income level?

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