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Transformers BD September 16, 2008

Posted by Dimenxion in Internet, Karutan.

Damn…! my Transformers BD not yet delivered. it’s shipped on 5th September thru tower.com and now after 11 days it’s not yet delivered. My PS3 getting dusty without i’m touching it. well.. i’m too use with my Xbox 360 especially COD4 and FIFA08.

I’m planning to use PS3 as BD player only, i dont know why i did not comfortable playing COD4 using PS3. Could be because of the controller. Yeah.. i think so.. So, make it a BD player is a good choice. at least i did not waste my RM1.3K. hahah….

OK… back to my BD. i waited for around 11 days but nothing came in, i guess this will be my first and last time i order from tower.com. the delivery is simple ‘sooks’ (sucks). Why? because i’m paying for priority shipping which suppose to be delivered between 2-4 days. but tower.com not able to do that, furthermore, no tracking provided. that’s why it’s ‘sooks’!

Ok next… yang nih kene ucap bahasa melayu. mungkin belum terlewat utk mengucapkan selamat berpuasa dan selamat hari raya kepada semua umat islam serata dunia. semoga puasa dan raya tahun ini dapat menambahkan pahala dan mengurangkan dosa. amin…

what’s next..? latest news i’m playing XBGZ FIFA08 League that organize by xbgz.com.sg. this website is for Xbox 360 gamers gather and play.  and guess what.. i’m in the 3rd place now. hahaha… 😛

That’s all i guess… later la…



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