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Dah raya weh October 13, 2008

Posted by Dimenxion in Karutan.

Salam hari raya. belum terlambat utk mengucapkan selamat hari raya aidilfitri, maaf zahir dan batin

Wel.. my raya this year are full of joy and enjoy. i applied for 12 days for hari raya. at first i feel it kinda too long, but yesterday i started to think it kinda too short, coz i have to work today! arghh…

ok.. on the raya eve i fall into a draining hole near my house, there is a slight cut at my feet. but i told the doctor that i dont want any stitches (no no no.. not that i’m afraid). the doctor just put some cream and close it with water proof protector.

First day of raya… i can’t go for sembahyang raya coz of that water proof thingy. after that we all went to Jerantut to visit all my grandma and my late grandpa relative and siblings. that’s what we do everytime we back to Lipis. i my self cant drive, so my cousin take my F1 driver seat to drive. haha…

we went back to KL on the third day as i need to see the doctor again. luckily nothing wrong. but ‘langit tidak selalunya cerah’. i got a fever. ahhh… why now. i need to go back to my dad hometown in bagan datoh. later, my bro stay with me so we can go back the next day or next to days.

the next day, i feel better, so i quickly went to LowYat plaza to get my first DSLR which is Canon EOS 1000D. wooohoooo!!! i did a few try that day after went back from LYN. and the next day, we went back to my dad hometown and take few pics as well.

spent a night there since my bro need to go back to Kedah. The best part is on Tuesday when i went to Melaka for a visit to my friends house. check in at Seri Malaysia. What a view… the reception there are sweet and nice. as a result i extend another night there. hahah… Will go back there next month to continue my journey of photograph and of course to propose 1 reception girl there for a date. hahaha… what? i’m not lying lah…

To have a quick look on my photo u may go to my flickr at http://www.flickr.com/photos/dimenxion

Comment and critics are welcome. That’s all i guess. see u later



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