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Guitar Hero World Tour January 27, 2009

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Aite.. i’m back. been busy recently with new games including old COD4. Yeah most of us back to COD4. Why? it’s more cool. Lol!

Ok now, new game that i want to talk to is….. (drum roll)

Guitar Hero World Tour!

Well, i know it’s out in the market end of last year, but hey… it’s still rock and people play it. For you guys that did not know, this GHWT need to played using the guitar controller. That mean no more normal controller can be use to play GHWT, and those old guitar still can be use.

What make it more interesting is, this time it come together with the drum and mic! So you can jamming with ur family, friends, colleague, ketua kampung or your YB.

Beside that, u may compose your own song and upload it to GHtunes. interesting? Wait till u see the guitar which almost the same size as the real guitar and longer whammy bar too. Not enough? Beside those 5 fret button, in this new guitar there is addition of the touch pad to play regular notes. The pad also allows the player to play notes via “tap strumming” similar to the slap bass method for bass guitar, and to alter the pitch of sustained notes

Other Screen Shot

ghwt_guitar_customCharacter Creation

jamming1Jamming with your friends

sliderSlider (New addition for you to ‘goreng’)

Well, i’m still playing this GHWT. Beside that i’m playing Gh3 and GH2 as well, so it might keep me silence while waiting for Guitar Hero Metallica which will due on March! woohooo….!!

Note: “About A Girl” (Unplugged) and Hotel California rawks!!



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