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FTP March 3, 2009

Posted by Dimenxion in Internet, Karutan.

Please bare with me if this is the old thing. but.. heyy.. not everybody know this.

I’m talking about FTP. what we normally do when we want to do ftp? most of us are using FTP client like filezilla or coreftp, or bla bla… but do u guys know that u can upload or download ur files from ur Windows command prompt (cmd)?

U want to grab the file fast without opening the client, type in the address, this and that. You can do that by using your windows command prompt by using ‘get’ command. Here’s the drill

1. open up your command prompt (Click start > run > type cmd)

2. change to the directory you want to upload or upload. Example:
-you want to download or upload your files from C:\my-testing
-type in ‘cd c:\my-testing

3. Here’s the best part. Telnet to the ftp server
-example: ‘ftp dimenxion.com
-then login using ur uid/pwd

4. Go to directory you want to upload or download in your ftp server
-example: cd /public_html/mydownload
-if you are not sure what are the file in the directory u can list it out by typing ‘ls’
-after u found the file u will start to download it. type:
– ‘get test_file.jpg
-it will be downloaded inside the directory in your windows that you’re currently sitting in command prompt (C:\my-testing)

5. to upload the file, just replace the ‘get’ command with ‘put’ but this time, you are gonna take the file from your local pc
-Example: your are in C:\my-testing and there is a file ‘test_file.jpg’ inside. what you have to do is, type in:
– ‘put test_file.jpg’
-Then, that file will be uploaded to /public_html/mydownload

6. What i showed is only for single file. you may experiment with working multiple file using ‘mget’ or ‘mput’.




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