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Gears of War 2 November 9, 2008

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Hi to all especially gamers. recently lots of new game come out in the market. An they’re really very super duper good game. Most recent is Gears of War 2. I’m not a gears addict. yes.. u may find it strange. i’m more into Call of Duty. so, it’s not a strange thing, furthermore it’s 3rd person shooter.

But that change, the moment i tried Gears of War 1 first. And it’s completely change after i started playing Gears of War 2 last night. Superb graphic, strong gameplay (i love chainsaw those Locust using Lancer. Lakum said i’m crazy. hahah..)

After playing 5 chapters last night, i’m sure i’m gonna finish this game in all mode. expecially insane and Horde mode. Horde mode is when 4-5 players in multiplayer mode need to survive the wave of Horde. There is a total of 50 waves, if u survive first 10 waves, u will be awarded with achievement.

Besides gears, there are other big hit game in the market. Far Cry 2, Fallout 3, Fable 2, Call of Duty: World At War (11th Nov in US), etc… I bought Far Cry 2 but not yet try the game and i have COD: World at War in my mind as well.

That’s all i guess, i have to finish the game first.

papaAMY – “Gears of war game tahyul”



Blu-Ray: Transformers (Two Disc Special Edition) August 26, 2008

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Ok.. first of all, it’s been a long time since i update. hahaha… kinda lazy. So.. straight to my topic today, most awaited Blu Ray title Transformers! Expected to release on September 2, 2008 in amazon.com.

You may pre-order now, it will be ship to your location once it available. Oh wait… take note this one that i’m posting is for BLU RAY only :P. OK let’s continue. The price will be $24.95 and after conversion it will be around RM85! that’s fcuking cheap ya’ll, compare when u buy from other site like play-asia.com!

And again a reminder to you, amazon.co.uk is for europe region, so whenever u want to buy a Blu Ray movie, kindly look for REGION FREE movie, avoid buying Region 2, if u don want to waste your hard-earned-butt-kicking cash.

I’ll explain on the next post about the difference between Standard DVD and Blu Ray disc region.

Till then, 😛

Spain In The Final! June 27, 2008

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As expected. Spain reach the final. finally after 24 years, Spain reach the final! 3-0 against Russia with outstanding performance from Andres Iniesta, David Silva, Ces Fabregas and the rest of the team. we will win in the finals!

Spain In Semi’s! June 24, 2008

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I believe some of you will wonder, why i never post about Spain during earlier stage of EURO 2008. Maybe u will think that I am a type of fan who will support only a team who reach the semi’s. It’s up to u. I’m a loyal Spain fans since 1996. The reason i dont talk about it because, i prefer to wait this year rather than give early prediction about Spain.

When Aragones announced they will go to EURO without Raul, people predicted Spain will go nowhere. But i think, Spain will progress far than they had done for the past 24 years. And yes they did it! for the past 10 years, Spain came to international tournament with Raul. but this year, no more. But we reach the semi final.

I watched Spain since the years of famous Luis Enrique, Zubizaretta, Hierro, and also Raul. They play a great football, but never have luck to reach a higher stage. But this year, with the young and talented squad, they reach semi final after 24 years. Players like, Torres, Villa, Xavi, Silva, Fabregas and Casillas are a players who can bring Spain to the next level. They done it this year.

For the record, before the quarter final yesterday, Spain had lost 3 quarter finals penalty shoot out. And i saw all 3 losses. But the stopped the rot at the Ernst-Happel-Stadion, prevailing 4-2 on spot-kicks. wheewww..

Aragones would have a good sleep after this. And we hope spain will win EURO 2008!

Xavi Hernandez & David Silva

The Legendary Alfredo Di Stefano

Ferenc Puskas The legend

EURO 2008 Quarter Finals June 19, 2008

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Thursday 19 June 2008






Basel – St. Jakob-Park

Friday 20 June 2008






Vienna – Ernst Happel

Saturday 21 June 2008






Basel – St. Jakob-Park

Sunday 22 June 2008






Vienna – Ernst Happel

ps: local time Austria/Swiss

Call of Duty: World at War Revealed June 18, 2008

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The next Call of Duty® is being revealed! You can watch the premiere of the worldwide reveal trailer for Call of Duty: World at War only on Xbox LIVE® Marketplace June 21.

Call of Duty: World at War completely changes the rules of engagement by redefining WWII gaming and thrusting players into the final tension-filled, unforgiving battles against a new ferocious enemy in the most dangerous and suspenseful action ever seen.

Powered by Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare™ technology, Call of Duty: World at War brings an uncensored edge to combat, as soldiers face the most harrowing and climactic European and Pacific battles in which an enemy, who knows no surrender and no retreat, will fight to the last breath, unleashing an arsenal of lethal surprising tactics.  Peril and danger lurk throughout the battlefield as players combat the unknown risk of the new chaos of battle.

From the remains of Russia and the ruins of Berlin, to the beach and jungles of the deadly Pacific Theater, the volatile action takes on added depth as players employ new features that previously were only available in multiplayer, including perks, rankings and online stats in up to four-player cooperative gameplay, and take advantage of the new infantry and vehicle-based weapons, like the potent flamethrower, that will set the battlefield ablaze.

Source: Xbox.com

Malaysia Fuel Price June 10, 2008

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I don’t want to talk much about the recent hike of the fuel price in Malaysia. everybody knows about it.

Let’s see what is the alternative way. Lot’s of people thinking to switch using NGV. yes the gas price is damn cheap but the installation could RM3,000 – RM4,000. But it’s still worth for a long period. The only disadvantage is the long queue to fill up the gas especially at the hot location.

I believe lots of people thinking to use bicycle. yeahh right… i bet nobody want to do that. yeah yeah yeah.. i know it’s just a way to express your feeling.

And of course, 99% percent malaysian will think to use buses, LRT, Monorail to go to work. well, it may be the good choice, but don’t forget government had taken out the subsidy from RapidKL too. get ready just in case they will increase the bus fare after this.

Not to forget that there is few of my friends considering to buy a motorbike. I myself riding a motorbike to come to work. it’s safe a hell lots of money so i can use it to buy new Xbox games. haha… OK OK.. enough joking

What else? anybody have other good suggestion?

p/s: ftw!

HOT NEWS!!: Petrol will be RM2.70 a litre at midnight tonight June 4, 2008

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The new price of petrol is RM2.70 per litre beginning midnight tonight, it was announced a moment ago by Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Minister Datuk Shahrir Samad. Diesel will go up by RM1 per litre while the price for ULG 92 per litre went up by 74 sen. The 78 sen hike or 40 per cent increase for the ULG 97 petrol is still below the antiticpated RM4 per litre price projected earlier and among the cheapest in Asia.

P/s: Damn u Shahrir Samad. Just 2 days ago u told it will increase on August!

source: NST

Harga minyak mungkin naik mulai Ogos – Shahrir June 4, 2008

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KUALA LUMPUR 2 Jun — Menteri Perdagangan Dalam Negeri dan Hal Ehwal Pengguna Datuk Shahrir Abdul Samad hari ini membayangkan harga minyak petrol dan diesel akan naik mulai Ogos depan.

“Ia akan berlaku… harga petrol akan naik, saya fikir mungkin dalam Ogos tahun ini apabila sistem subsidi diberi penstrukturan semula,” katanya.


Call of Duty 5 Confirmed for All Platforms May 12, 2008

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Activision announced today fiscal year 2008 and fourth quarter results, confirming that the fifth installment in the Call of Duty series will arrive this fiscal year.

“We’ll launch on all four platforms we’ve participated on in fiscal 2008, we’ll launch on the PS2 and the Wii.” said Activision Publishing president and CEO Mike Griffith.

Griffith also confirmed that Call of Duty 5 will be set in a “a new military theater”

Source: http://news.teamxbox.com/xbox/16458/Call-of-Duty-5-Confirmed-for-All-Platforms/

netpxel: well well… it’s good to hear COD5 gonna be on 4 platform. Cant wait for this game. watchout for more info and news!